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Services & Specialties

Nutrition Counseling

Medical Nutritional Therapy (for Adults and Children) Clinical nutrition addressing clinical issues through Medical Nutritional Therapy includes the following, but are not limited to this list:


Behavioral Therapy

  • Readiness to start assessment. How ready are you to make changes?
  • Goal setting: goals will be set according to the readiness to start, to not overwhelm patients and proceed at their own pace
  • Troubleshooting: Helping you overcome obstacles, challenges, and weaknesses. Getting you through those difficult moments
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Exercise Counseling

  • Fitness level assessment
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Safety guidelines
  • Goal setting and motivation tools

Wellness & Health /  Coaching

  • Healthy eating habits education
  • Food swapping techniques: learn to exchange some of your favorite dishes for similar, healthier options
  • Supermarket tours
  • Pantry makeovers
  • Cooking demos
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Eating Disorder

  • Bulimia
  • Anorexia
  • Obesity
  • Binge eating

Weight Management

  • We develop Individualized programs for any weight concerns, weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance.
  • We provide healthy eating habit techniques to address every patient’s needs
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Bariatric Surgery

  • Pre-Bariatric surgery evaluation
  • Bariatric surgery coaching
  • Post-Bariatric surgery nutrition education, menu planning, support, and follow-up
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Disease Prevention / Risk Factor Assessment

  • Patients are screened and assessed for risk factors that may predispose them to the development of medical complications (family histories, insulin resistance, overweight and obesity, unhealthy eating habits, inactivity, etc.).
  • Individualized programs are designed to address existing issues, with the goal of preventing progression and complications.
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Specialized Testing

  • Body Composition analysis (In body test)
  • Metabolic testing (ReeVue indirect calorimeter)
  • Blood work-up analysis


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Lectures / Presentations

Lectures and presentations are our specialty!

We take pride in being able to spread health advice, as well as addressing issues that could help improve medical, physical and health outcomes.


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Group Meetings / Seminars

Weekly and monthly meetings are available for the following topics:

  • Bariatric surgery support groups
  • Transitioning to healthy eating,


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