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Meet Sandy

Meet Sandy Zohni

a Registered Dietitian and Diabetic Educator

My name is Sandy Zohni, I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist, Board Certified Diabetic Educator, and Personal Trainer. I am situated in NY, and have over 28 years of clinical experience. As a young girl, I never really thought about being in the health field, as my dream was to become a ballerina. I started taking ballet lessons at the age of five, and danced all the way through my late teenage years. I was privileged enough to have been admitted into the Ballet school of a very prestigious theatre , and I was living my dream of becoming a “prima Ballerina”! But through the years, life in the theatre was getting very rigorous, and the demands on maintaining the right body image, and the “required weight “, got too hard to handle.

Eventually, I had to let the dream of becoming a ballerina vanish away, as I realized I wasn’t ready to devote my life to the theatre , stressing so much over food ( or rather the lack of it!) and the constant judgement on my body. And even though that was a difficult thing to do, what was even harder, was to have to deal with the insecurities and lack of confidence all those years had left me with . I needed to heal and gain my confidence back, and that’s what led me to my journey of becoming a dietitian. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy, and more importantly, how to feel great about myself. This was my first step towards healing!

I started my studies in Brooklyn College, where I obtained a Bachelors in Nutrition Science, and I continued my education to pursue a Masters degree in Nutrition from New York University. In between, I worked in Maimonides Hospital as a clinical dietitian , and through my 15 years of working there, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. I also realized that many of the conditions that led to so many complications were in many cases due to poor diet, lack of compliance, and inadequate lifestyle choices. Specially for Diabetic patients, for whom more often than not, the outcome of their complications resulted in amputations, poor quality of life, and in so many instances, death. That’s what led me to my next goal of becoming a Certified Diabetic Educator and moving on to a private practice setting.

I have since developed numerous health screening tools and I have been collaborating with physicians to implement programs which help promote healthy lifestyle and prevent medical complications. It is a completely different experience, and amazingly rewarding to be able to work with patients and help them make improvements in their lives. All my personal and work experiences, my education and special certifications , and the love that I have for my career, have empowered me with the ability to understand and support my patients with many of their issues and concerns.

I am now a full-time dietitian, business entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three amazing kids, and CEO of DIET CONNECTION. But more importantly, I am now an individual who has become at peace with her eating habits, her physical appearance, and has found a way to enjoy life while feeling amazing about herself! I truly enjoy healthy eating, love exercising, but more than anything, I love going to work every day, and make a difference in my patients’ lives!

I hope that I could be a part of YOUR JOURNEY , and guide you through the path that will lead you to your goals! Can’t wait to work with you!

Happy journey, and healthy trails!!!!!