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When we think about physical activity or exercise, most of us get overwhelmed just with the notion of how time consuming it is to exercise or how unmotivated we really are! The most common and inaccurate belief about exercise is that “we don’t need exercise to lose weight” or that “you don’t need to exercise if you’re not on a weight loss program”.

Wrong and wrong! First, EVERYONE needs to exercise. There are so many long-term benefits of exercise, such as improving cardiovascular endurance, building muscles, stabilizing many hormones, and most importantly, making you feel great and helping you prevent many health conditions. Also, when we diet without exercise, although we could really manage to lose some weight, we would also be losing muscle mass, which in turn will slow down your metabolism, and ultimately make it much more difficult to continue to lose and almost impossible to keep the weight off. To help you get started and stay motivated on an exercise routine we offer you tools, advice, and programs:

  • Adults Exercise program
  • Children Exercise program
  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Tracking and motivation tools